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Coolview® CLED11FX

Brandon Medical's Coolview CLED11FX examination lamp is the perfect light source for a wide range of procedures. CLED11FX is equipped with an elegant spring balanced arm which provides smooth movement, easy positioning and easy clean exteriors with a reach of 940mm. The CLED11FX provides a high intensity, bright natural light, perfect for medical consultation in primary care and medical clinics.

Delivering High Illumination

CLED11FX emits 40,000 Lux of bright natural light at 0.5m providing an intense, clear light source for use in general consultation areas. The light intensity is fixed at an optimised lever for general examination and ease of use.

Spring Balanced Technology

The elegant FX spring-balanced arm ensures smooth, easy positioning and the arm will stay fixed into position without drifting. The arm has a reach of 940mm and includes an integrated transformer. The FX arm also has a turn restrictor to prevent it from being pushed into the wall and locking devices to prevent accidental removal from fixing brackets.

Colour Corrected Light Source

The colour corrected light source with a colour temperature of 4,400°K allows for accurate representation of tissues during examinations.


Comfortable, Cool Light Source

CLED11FX does not emit any infrared radiation, avoiding heat exposure during examinations.

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