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TOF 3D - Neuromuscular monitoring

TOF3D – From the creators of TOF Watch

The all-rounder in the field of neuromuscular transmission monitoring.


Multiple stimulation modes

  • Train of Four (TOF), PTC, Single Twitch, TET, Double Burst

  • You may customize the choice of stimulation modes to your specific needs.

  • Single twitch measurement or continuous measurement of neuro muscular blockade

  • Individual TOF intervals

  • Connection to patient monitors or PC 

  • Trend memory

  • Adjustable alarm limits

No matter if it’s daily clinical routine or complex questions during medical studies and research.

TOF3D fulfils all requirements of anesthesiologists.


  • Durable accessories for measurement at the hand, eye or foot.

  • Simple application – reliable measurement.

  • Muscular response to stimulus varies between patients.

  • The calibration function of TOF3D aligns the monitor with patient’s individual muscle response. This ensures precise and reliable monitoring of neuromuscular blockade and thus safe extubation after surgery.

  • The large clearly arranged display shows all relevant information at the same time.

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