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What our customers say:

Get the work done, without being done.

  • With the Chairless Chair you can flexibly switch between sitting, walking and standing. By actively sitting, the Chairless Chair relieves the strain on your spine, intervertebral discs and knees. The back and thigh muscles are activated and strengthened.

  • Often, minor complaints are ignored and lead to long-term health problems by reacting too late. Take preventive action now and look after your health – your back will be thankful!

  • Whether you´re removing shoes, rasping, hot-fitting or nailing on shoes: with the Chairless Chair you will always find the right position and relieve your back.

  • Noonee chairless chair is now available on a well-known medical equipment trading co. - Umedco.

Your advantages:

  • Work painlessly and healthily even under high loads

  • Usable with and without a holder

  • Work on horses freely and flexibly

  • No risk of tripping over stools that are bothersome for people and horses

  • Easy to use, no need to change usual practices

  • Nothing to upset the horse

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