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Flexible. Fast. Simple

Case Study: Christoph’s first experience with the Chairless Chair

  • Christoph works as a mechanic. He enjoys his job, but at the end of the day he leaves work completely exhausted and suffers from back pain. Since Christoph is not the only one at his workplace who has to deal with this problem, the factory manager decides to order a Chairless Chair.

  • Johanna from noonee introduces Christoph and his colleagues to the Chairless Chair: a lightweight, robust exoskeleton which can be carried around flexibly. As a result, stress on back, legs and neck is relieved. Everybody receives a brief training during which Johanna adjusts the Chairless Chair settings to ideally match the individual body height and shoe size of each participant. Christoph is surprised, how easily the Chairless Chair can be attached to the body – it takes less than a minute for him to get ready for work. He also notices that the Chairless Chair requires him to sit dynamically, which other than expected, isn’t strenuous at all and helps protect his health. Christoph now wants to get a sense of how it feels to work with the Chairless Chair and is pleased to see that it allows him to work much more comfortably and that he gets less tired. After a long day at work Christoph goes home without feeling exhausted.  Noonee chairless chair is now available on a well-known medical equipment trading co. - Umedco.

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