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BLT Q3 Modular Patient Monitor

Quick Overview

Q3 modular patient monitor been designed to meet every day clinical requirements, integrating seamlessly into the hospital workflow. In acute care, a patient monitor must be reliable, easy to use, upgradeable with advanced parameters, while allowing data access when and where needed. In case of patient transport, the device should be easy to carry. With its lightweight and plug-and-play modular design, its powerful functions and intuitive user interface, the Q 3 modular patient monitor is therefore an optimal choice for acute care.

The monitor is intended to be used for monitoring, displaying, reviewing, storing and alarming of multiple physiological parameters of patients, including ECG, Heart Rate (HR), Respiration Rate (RR), Temperature (Temp), Pulse Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Pulse Rate (PR), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Anesthetic Gas (AG), Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP), Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP), Cardiac output (C.O.).

Cardiac output (C.O.).


  • Large size of the physiological parameters display

  • CO2 module and dozens of parameters with various modules assembled as demanded.

  • The global SpO2 measurement and monitor can anti-motion and anti-low perfusion which ensure an accurate measurement.

  • Disposable neonatal polar plates are completely safe for neonates.

  • Neonatal ECG algorithm with neonatal 3-lead ECG trunk cable gives a convenient and accurate measurement.

  • The anti-interference blood measurement technology (CE, FDA certificated) together with neonatal super-thin cuff give a faster and more accurate measurement.

  • Neonatal 2-Temp (Standard) with probes of skin and rectal (Optional).

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