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Bar-Ray offers a variety of options to suit various needs of style, coverage, profession, and budgets. Extra features such as elastic belts that transfer the weight off of the shoulders and onto the hips, may help those who wear our aprons for long procedures. If you have a need for only occasional use, or heavy duty veterinarian applications, we have an apron to suit your needs.

We have always led the industry in the development of radiation protective products. We are constantly striving to make a better, lighter material for the protective apron industry. We manufacture the protective material right here in our own factory so you can be sure of the quality in any of the styles of aprons you purchase from us since we control all aspects of workmanship from beginning to end. Bar-Ray is the choice of most x-ray protective apron suppliers in the United States as well as around the world. Keep your eye on us; you never know what we’re going to come up with next!

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