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Bar-Ray Products offers protective leaded glasses which provide user comfort and a stylish appearance while providing x-ray eye protection.

Wrap-around and Ultra Pb protect against scatter x-ray radiation while allowing peripheral vision. The Metalite glasses come with custom-fitted lead side shields, while our Euro design, and Nanolite Ulra glasses provide user protection in a stylish design. Our lightweight 0.75 mm lead glasses come in a variety of designs and frames for the most discerning user.

Protective leaded eyewear is used by approximately 95% of the staff in Cath and EP labs. Usage is also increasing in urological procedures, interventional radiology, pain management and orthopedic surgery.

Prescription x-ray protection lead glasses and fitovers for your existing glasses are also available. Please contact us with your prescription for a quote.

All prescriptions require a pupillary distance or what's referred to as a "PD" measurement. It is needed to properly grind the prescription into the lens and no order can be started without it.

Wave Collection eyewear - same high quality a lower price.

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