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OptiX - Patient positioning made easy

The OptiX products from Pearltec have been developed specifically for GE’s extremity scanner, Optima 430s* and its predecessors and are officially validated by GE.

With the OptiX positioning devices the set-up time of the patient can be reduced significantly.

The innovative patented Pearltec technology allows the Pearltec positioning device to adapt individually to every patient and leads to optimum fixation of the patient during the complete duration of the examination. This results in less patient movement and increased image quality.

The OptiX product family 

  • OptiX Hand/Wrist 100

  • OptiX Hand/Wrist 123

  • OptiX Elbow 100/123

  • OptiX Knee 145/160

  • Cover Hand/Wrist

  • Cover Elbow

  • Cover Knee


Advantages of working with OptiX


  • Simple positioning

  • Quick immobilization

  • Shorter examination time

  • Perfect image quality

  • Optimum patient comfort

  • Excellent hygiene

OptiX application - Simple and standardized in 3 steps only


1. Position patient using the inner indication line
2. Simple, iso-centric alignment using laser and outer indication line
3. Perfect and comfortable immobilization using inflation

Customer Feedback


„When working with the OptiX you save up to 7 minutes per patient. Image quality as well as comfort is improved and it guarantees excellent hygiene.“ 


„The endless „pillow fight“ is finally over. The OptiX products are quick and easy to use and thank to their adjustable fixation motion artifacts are no longer an issue.“

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