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TeslaM3 – MRI-compatible monitoring system


The TeslaM3 has been specially developed for monitoring during MRI examinations. The monitor and user interface have been designed in cooperation with clinical users and thus fulfill all requirements of a modern patient monitor.

Ensuring easy handling of sensors and accessories as well as an intuitive user menu were driving forces during development of theTeslaM3.

The TeslaM3 can be configured according to your individual needs, and all components can be upgraded at any time.

Wireless SpO2 and ECG sensors make it easy and convenient to connect the patient to the monitor. The ECG has been specially developed for the conditions that arise during an MRI scan.

The TeslaM3 has up to 8 hours of trend memory, which can be transferred to a USB storage device or printed directly.

On top of all that, the TeslaM3 offers full network capability.

The TeslaM3 provides a solution for meeting MRI-monitoring requirements while maintaining a favorable price-performance ratio.

Furthermore the TeslaM3 can be equipped with a gating interface.



15-inch touch screen

  • All available parameters can be displayed simultaneously on the 15" touch screen, which makes it easy to observe the patient's condition at a glance.

  • Up to 6 wave forms and 4 numerical parameter fields can be displayed simultaneously on the main screen.

Wireless SpO2 sensor

  • Only one SpO2 sensor is needed for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.

  • Intelligent battery management enables continuous operation of the wireless sensors for up to 8 hours.

Soft-touch finger adapters

  • Soft-touch finger adapters enable easy positioning of the sensor while ensuring reliable SpO2 monitoring, even during longer scan sequences.

  • The finger adapters can be exchanged quickly and easily. The adapters are robust and can be cleaned easily. All of the materials used are latex free.


  • The ECG sensor can be used with all commonly available MRI-compatible ECG pads. Thus you can avoid buying expensive special disposable items.

  • Free positioning of the ECG pads helps place the ECG, even when the patient's chest is difficult to access.

  • The digital artifact filter ensures reliable ECG readings during the scanning procedure.

  • The TeslaM3 ensures reliable, safe and stable transfer of data to the control room by the essence of wireless technology.

  • Body temperature monitoring (surface and intracorporeal) enables you to provide optimal care to your patients.

  • The TeslaM3 is equipped with a gating interface.

Remote monitor

  • The TeslaM3 remote monitor comes with a 15" touch screen. Unique transmission technology ensures safe and reliable transmission of vital signs, as well as all alarms and events.

  • The TeslaM3 remote monitor guarantees full functionality of the monitor from the control room.

  • The TeslaM3 remote has network capabilities (Ethernet, RS232) and can be integrated into the hospital network.

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