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Working with you in Zone 2 to detect risk items that others miss

Despite careful, guideline-compliant screening procedures, small ferrous objects inadvertently concealed on a patient, visitor or ancillary staff member may present a significant risk within your MRI facility.

Finds the risks other systems miss

Only Ferroguard Screener uses Fluxgate sensors, making it the most sensitive FMD available. Ferroguard Screener’s minimum detectable magnetic signal is 80pTesla (0.8µGauss). Despite its compact design, Ferroguard Screener is super-sensitive to smaller risk-items all the way from the top-of-the-head to the tip-of-the-toes of the tallest patient.

Faster and more reliable screening than using a hand wand

Ferroguard Screener’s full-body coverage means it’s not susceptible to large variations depending on diligence of the user, and makes it much better accepted by patients who often dislike “intrusive” hand-wand searches.

The FMD screener of choice for implant detection*

Fluxgate sensor sensitivity offers far superior capabilities to detect indwelling ferromagnetic materials.

Preserves image quality and maximizes patient throughput

Keeps small ferrous items out of the MRI room, reducing artifacts and avoiding unnecessary rescans and restarts.

Simple to adopt into your screening processes

Adds objectivity to your screening, helping to take pressure off your staff.

Accessible for every budget

Making it a must-have addition to your MRI safety procedures.

Consistent, objective and thorough screening in the time it takes to turn around

Press button to screen

Position on mat

Rotate 360°

Visual notification if any ferromagnetic items are detected.

To discuss how Ferroguard Screener can give your screening procedures the sensitivity of a sixth sense, contact one of our Ferroguard specialists.

Ferroguard should not be used to replace current MRI screening procedures. The safety of staff and patients is best served by the combination of conscientious screening protocols, thorough staff training AND installation of a ferromagnetic detection system used in the correct manner.


*Ferroguard Screener is not an approved product for implant detection and detections may be used for indication only. Metrasens accepts no responsibility for any adverse consequences arising from positive or negative indications of implants.

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