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Doppler 403™ & Mini-Doppler 404™Flow Phantoms

Ensure years of consistent QC measurements and high quality diagnostic imaging.

  • Collaboratively designed to better serve your needs

  • Go from storage to use in less than 10 seconds

Gammex collaborated with clinical and academic thought leaders to develop our patented HE (High Equivalency) Gel™ and the first portable Doppler Flow Phantoms in the world.


The Doppler 403 and Mini-Doppler 404 Flow Phantoms are second generation devices based on the proven, original designs, and developed with ongoing customer input.

  • Precision pulsatile flow mode allows you to reliably test system velocities

  • HE (High Equivalency) Gel™ is patented and proven

    • Helps ensure all transducers and system settings are fully tested across the entire frequency range from 2 to 18 MHz

    • Response of attenuation-to-frequencies over 8 MHz supports accurate axial resolution and penetration depth representative of human tissue1,2

From routine QA to education and complex research

Doppler 403 Flow Phantom

  • The gold standard in Doppler Ultrasound QA

  • Measure axial & lateral resolution from the surface to 16 cm deep

Mini-Doppler 404 Flow

  • Ideal for cardiology and musculoskeletal (MSK) applications

  • Measure small parts resolution

  • Lightweight at less than 10 lbs. (4.6 kg)

Sono Transducer Holder

The Sono Transducer Holder Accessory fits any Gammex phantom including the Sono Family and Doppler Flow phantoms.

  • Place a transducer in a precise location in the holder for reproducible tests over time

  • Support the transducer cable with the cable hook

Common Highlights

  • New blood mimicking fluid formulation

    • Represents laminar and parabolic flows (velocity-dependent)3

    • Increased viscosity and decreased Reynolds number

    • No need to ever purchase or store blood mimicking fluid

  • Rugged, self-contained, battery-operated

  • Easy to use—turn it on, push a button & start testing

  • HE Gel can be rejuvenated and your phantom re-validated any time to strengthen your investment

  • Exceed ACR, ECR, AIUM and other program requirements

Precision pulsatile flow mode supports reliable system velocity testing

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