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Catphan 700

The Catphan® 700 is intended for use with state of the art CT scanners and research that require an advanced phantom to measure their full potential.

The phantom retains many of the tests and features offered in the other Catphan® models including the CTP515 Low Contrast Module and integrated case mounting system. Other test objects have been refined in this development including the addition of test patterns up to 30 lp/cm in the new CTP714 High Resolution Module, the addition of smaller acrylic spheres to our low contrast sphere array contained in the CTP682 sensitometry slice geometry module, and additional bone and lung samples to assist customers using their CT images for radiation therapy treatment planning. The Cathan® 700 also contains the new CTP721 wave insert for measuring slice geometry and resolution across the scan area.

Also, in order to address possible variables due to test pattern orientation with the scanners x and y axis, the phantom has a new rotation mount. This enables the mounted phantom to be rotated 360° with alignment detents at 45° intervals to study possible angular position-dependent results.


  • CTP682
    - sensitometry (linearity)
    - scan slice geometry
    - slice sensitivity profile
    - slice width with both wire and bead ramps
    - pixel (matrix) size
    - circular symmetry
    - phantom position verification
    - patient alignment system check
    - scan incrementation
    - MTF using both wire or bead point source
    - Contrast targets using volume averaged spheres

  • CTP714
    - high resolution measurement - up to 30 line pairs per cm

  • CTP515
    - low contrast sensitivity
    - comparative subslice and supra-slice low contrast sensitivity

  • CTP721, CTP723
    - spatial uniformity
    - noise (precision)

  • CTP712
    - spatial uniformity
    - noise (precision)


The Catphan® 700 consists of 6 modules enclosed in a 20cm housing.

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