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RaySafe X2

At your fingertips

We’ve grown accustomed to intuitive interactions with our devices. After all, it’s not the device that’s most important, but what you can achieve with it that matters. Simplicity has always been a hallmark for RaySafe. But simplicity on the outside requires a lot of work on the inside. Our simplicity comes from a careful balance of advanced sensor technology paired with electronic wizardry and intelligent signal processing. The result – a device that provides accurate measurements with the ultimate in user friendliness. Right at your fingertips.


Less effort. More insight.

Life is busier. There are more demands on your time. So you need to remove the unnecessary steps in taking a measurement. Like positioning the sensor, choosing a setting, or interpreting the results. Fortunately, the X2 R/F sensor is orientation independent so the only thing you need to do is to place it in the X-ray beam and turn on the instrument. The rest is automatic – no menus, no selections.


Full range measurements

Ease-of-use means you get everything you need in one exposure, with one sensor – automatically. The RaySafe X2 offers sensors for R/F, MAM, CT, Survey, and even light applications. Choose the sensors you need and add the ones you will need at a later stage. The X2 sensors are made without the need to select ranges or special modes. Most sensors also measure waveforms that can be analyzed directly on the base unit.

Intuitive interface and first-class precision

The RaySafe X2 sensors and electronics are specifically designed to minimize the need for user interaction. A groundbreaking concept in sensor design and circuitry provides unsurpassed accuracy, reproducibility and sensitivity. Intelligent algorithms clearly indicate when a parameter is outside its specified range.

Finally, a built-in, self-test system ensures your system is in complete working order. This provides added peace of mind and further assures accurate measurements the first time and every time.

X2 R/F Sensor

– no selections, no corrections

– orientation independent

– small footprint

X2 MAM Sensor

– dose and HVL for all beam qualities – without corrections

– orientation independent

– stacked sensor technology prevents the influence of the heel effect

X2 CT Sensor

- pencil chamber including electrometer

– built-in temperature and pressure corrections

– dose, time and waveforms

X2 Survey Sensor

– lightweight with fast response time

– high precision in the X-ray range

– dose, rate, mean energy and waveforms

X2 Light Sensor

– luminance and illuminance Class B sensor

– durable housing

– dual acquisition keys

Setting up the X2 system

RaySafe X2 demo

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