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R/F sensor & mAs


The X2 R/F sensor, with its advanced stacked sensor technology, prevents the influences of heel effects on the measurements. And its small radiological footprint minimizes the influence on the automatic exposure control of the X-ray machine. Both make it easier to position the sensor and obtain the most accurate reading. 

The X2 R/F sensor can be used on all R/F applications without the need to select ranges or modes. It is capable of measuring all radiological parameters such as dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, total filtration, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse – in one exposure. Waveforms of kV and dose rate can be analyzed directly on the base unit. The X2 R/F sensor can be used on radiographic and fluoroscopic machines as well as dental machines and measures kVp and HVL on CT machines.

The base unit has an optional built-in sensor for measurements of mA, mAs, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and mA waveform. When using both the R/F and mA sensors the RaySafe X2 will display 12 parameters simultaneously including corresponding waveforms. Everything you need in one simple step.

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