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Survey sensor


The versatile X2 Survey sensor is primarily used to perform leakage and scatter measurements in diagnostic X-ray applications. It is based on an energy compensated silicon diode array. Unlike a pressurized ion-chamber, a silicon based sensor can be shipped via air or ground without any special considerations or arrangements.

The intuitive user interface displays dose, dose rate, mean energy and time, as well as the dose rate waveform. To further simplify the operation, a real-time dose rate bar is visible in the display and a ticker provides the typical “survey” sound directly proportional to the dose rate. With its two different trigger modes, manual and automatic, the sensor is also an excellent tool for low dose rate measurements in the primary beam of the X-ray machine. A unique, and very usable feature is the ability to switch energy response between Air Kerma (Gy or R) and Ambient Dose Equivalent (Sv). It’s like having several instruments in one! While the energy dependence for ambient dose is virtually flat in the X-ray range, the overall response for medical applications is state-of-the-art. This makes it a useful tool for many other applications.

Simply put, the X2 Survey sensor may be the easiest and fastest solution for precise survey measurements in the X-ray energy range.

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