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The RapidHeat™ Oven is designed to quickly reach working temperatures and provide an easy to use method to heat Aquaplast RT™ and Fibreplast® thermoplastic masks. Its unique design allows the hot oven air to envelop the thermoplastic mask so it softens quickly and evenly. This reduces the overall mask making time. 

RapidHeat™ has a large 7.5 cm high digital display that features a Quick Start Guide to help easily navigate operating the oven. The digital temperature control can be used in a programmable or manual timer mode, increasing work flow efficiencies. The arrow indicators adjust time/temperature and the Start/Stop function allows you to easily preheat the oven while prepping your patient.

No more need for external timers, the digital display includes a timer that counts down from the designated time and alerts you when ready. The time can be set accordingly for different masks and Aquaplast RT™ Custom Bolus™.

Additional Features:

• Minimizes cross contamination
• Non-stick racks for easy cleaning
• Easy to read 7.5 cm digital display

Outer dimensions: 81.28w x 76.2d x 45.72h cm
Inner dimensions: 68.58w x 53.34d x25.4h cm

 Created by Umedco